Demo Derby Rules - Mini Vans, SUVs & Trucks

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Posted October 10, 2017

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NEW FOR 2017

1. No all wheel drives, if u have 4 wheel drive u must remove drive shaft

2. No motor mount modifications, no welding or chaining of motor mounts. Can run 4,6 OR 8 CYL, but must be stock, headers are ok.

3. Stock ignition, push button or toggle switch ok

4. Stock shifter in factory location

5. Dash bars are optional, must have back seat bar with 6 x 6 plates on each end, nothing bigger than 4x4 tube, not attached to any thing other than doors

6. U may weld rearends in mini class only

7. Tires of choice, but must be stock appearing

8. No torching fenders, must be totally stock appearing minus lights, chrome etc

9. Gas tanks and battery boxes secured and covered inside car, factory tanks must be removed

10. 4 chains or wire on hood and trunk, plus hinges. Chains or wires cannot touch any way, but can go around bumper or frame.

11. Bumpers can be stock for your vehicle, can run 80’s newer bumper or old iron NO pointies!! u can use up to 4X4 tube welded no more than 4” back on frame!!!!!!!! Bumpers can be seam welded, no homemade pointies!!!

12. Doors must be chained or wired with 2 per seam, drivers door may be welded solid, but nothing bigger than 3 inch wide x 3/16 flat strap

13. If u have rusted out body mount, u will be allowed one chain loop per mount to reconnect

14. No aux tranny cooler, or other coolers

15. 2 straps in frt window

16. Repairs: u can weld 1/8 plate 1 inch past bend, no plates can touch each other 6-8 max plates

17. IF IT DOESN’T SAY U CAN DO IT, DON’T!!! lets see how this goes for first time

18. Any ?? call or text stacy Flynn, 515-320-0428 or look up FLYNN PROMOTIONS face book page